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Dr Adel Bondok: HEART to HEART

Forget Yesterday, Ignore Tomorrow, Live Today


Answer all questions.

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One point is scored for every correct answer 

Incorrect answers score zero 

1. The portal vein:
(a) Is formed behind the neck of the pancreas
(b) Is formed by the union of splenic and inferior mesenteric veins
(c) Ascends in the greater omentum
(d) Lies anterior to the bile duct
(e) Divides into two hepatic veins


2. The superior mesenteric artery:
(a) Is a branch of the celiac artery
(b) Continues as the superior rectal artery
(c) Supplies the stomach and the duodenum
(d) Passes in the root of the mesentery
(e)  Its largest branch is the splenic artery 


3. One of the following veins doesnt end in the inferior vena cava:
(a) Left renal vein
(b) Right renal vein
(c) Left suprarenal vein
(d) Right suprarenal vein
(e) Left hepatic vein


4. The duodenum, select the true answer/s:
(a) The first inch is mobile
(b) The second part extends from the level of L1 to L3
(c) The third part is crossed anteriorly by the superior mesenteric artery
(d) The forth part is supplied by the inferior mesenteric artery
(e) The biliary orifice marks the anastomosis between celiac and superior mesenteric arteries


5. The bare areas of the liver include all of the following EXCEPT:
(a) Duodenal impression
(b) Fossa fo the gall bladder.
(c) Groove for the inferior vena cava
(d) Porta hepatis
(e)  The area bounded by the anterior and posterior coronary ligaments 


6. The gall bladder receives sensory nerve supply from:
(a) Left phrenic nerve
(b) Right phrenic nerve
(c) Anterior gastric nerve
(d) Posterior gastric nerve
(e) Superior mesenteric plexus


7. The liver, all are correct EXCEPT:
(a) It lies mainly in the right hypochondrium.
(b) The lesser omentum is attached to the fissure for ligamentum venosum
(c) Is divided functionally into 8 segments.
(d)  The left hepatic duct drains the left lobe. 
(e) The right hepatic duct drains the quadrate lobe


8. The commonest site of the vermiform appendix is:
(a) Retrocecal
(b) Paracecal
(c) Pelvic
(d) Subhepatic
(e) Left sided in the left iliac fossa


9. The spermatic cord contains all of the following EXCEPT:
(a) Vas deferens
(b) Lymphatics from the scrotum
(c) Lymphatics from the testis
(d) Branch from the inferior epigastric artery.
(e) Branch from the abdominal aorta


10. The ascending colon:
(a) Is mobile.
(b) Receives arterial supply from the colic branches of the inferior mesenteric artery
(c) Is shorter than the descending colon
(d) Has a lymphatic drainage to the inferior mesenteric lymph nodes 
(e)  Has parasympathetic innervation from the pelvic splanchnic nerves (S2, 3, 4) 


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Authored by DR ADEL BONDOK


Answer all questions.

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